Commentary on my books:

On Lotions, Potions, Pills & Magic

“Much more than a history of health in early America. It is a history of struggle, as natives and newcomers alike grappled with the obstacles imposed by biology, ecology, and fellow human beings. Breslaw’s fearless appraisal, supported by stories and anecdotes, entertains, provokes, and cajoles.” – Elizabeth Fenn

“This is a wonderfully informative, though often unsettling, reminder that today’s American medical practice, based on enlightened science… is a quite recent phenomenon… This is a thoughtful and engrossing synthesis of the best literature on American medical history.” – Alden Vaughn

“An important compilation of authoritative research, giving the subject a longer reach and shedding light on a little-known, and not-so-pretty subject. This will interest general and medical history buffs and professional historians.” – Library Journal


On Dr. Alexander Hamilton & Provinical America

“A richly detailed portrayal of Hamilton’s path from a disappointing encounter with provincialism to an active identification with local society and politics. It is a captivating story.” – Michel Jan Rozbicki

“A wonderful and accessible biography… Breslaw’s study deftly moves between Scotland and America, capturing the essence of Hamilton’s various homes, belongings, travels, beliefs, behaviors, and writings… An engaging and informed cultural biography.” – John Dixon

“A deeply informed biography reconstructs Hamilton’s path to the richest sort of provincial personhood available in the eighteenth century” – David Shields


On Witches of the Atlantic World

“A fascinating, occasionally chilling, tour of witchcraft in four continents.” – Alison Games

“Incorporating Africans and native Americans into a story that normally deals only with Europeans… Breslaw opens new approaches to a familiar but always fascinating subject.” – Francis Bremer

“The cross-cultural approach that informed her work on Tituba comes to fulfillment in this comprehensive collection… with evidence of witchcraft’s significance for varied peoples across time and space.” –  Charles L. Cohen


On Tituba: Reluctant Witch of Salem.

“A fascinating re-examination of the Salem witchhunts and the woman whose confession initiated them” – Robynne Rogers Healey

A vivid and compelling account of the life of Tituba and an examination of her role in the witchcraft trials.” – Yasuhid Kawashima

“Breslaw constructs an effective argument for the impact that Tituba, as an Indian slave familiar with Puritan culture in which she lived, had on the events of the Salem witchhunt.” – Jennifer Putzi

“A fine example of readable scholarship.” – Baltimore Sun